Modern concierge care for aging at home

Personalized, private, in-person and virtual


I'm Stephanie.

I coordinate a combination of in-person and virtual care, along with 24/7 support, to meet all of your loved one’s care needs, while providing you with much-needed peace of mind that mom or dad are in the best hands.

As Head Lifeguard Registered Nurse, I hold extensive experience caring for aging individuals. I proudly specializes in geriatrics and I am passionate about developing and strengthening relationships with the patients to better support their desired way of living.



I offer personalized concierge care at home that is:

Compassionate In- Person & Virtual Model

Technology-Assisted In- Home Support


My Lifeguard team

Includes physicians, pharmacists, physical therapists & nutritionists

Provides user-friendly technology & communications

Includes household management and companionship

Emphasizes coordination with existing clinical providers



I live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I coordinate concierge care services in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida. With Lifeguard, a trusted Registered Nurse, like me, is appointed to coordinate care, patient health and wellness services, and collaborate with a dynamic, interprofessional team.

Lifeguard Florida


I stay connected to you and your parents

Lifeguard leverages the Apple watch, iPad and iPhone along with the suite of Apple Health applications.

Our AI in-home technology includes unobtrusive monitoring and secure virtual care for efficient and easy video visits with providers and care team members.

Communicate needs, questions, or concerns anytime with secure 24/7 Messaging

Engage with the care team, access medical records, schedule appointments, and review health information directly through a secure app




How Lifeguard provides extraordinary care and compassion

Focuses on in-person companionship to promote independence, battle loneliness, depression and improve outcomes:

  • Help mom and dad remain connected and provide critical social support
  • Older adults benefit by feeling safe and secure living at home
  • In-home visits reduce isolation and help seniors maintain cognitive abilities/li>
  • Companionship can improve physical health by encouraging exercise and healthy habits like nutritious meals

Complementary physician to support the existing primary care provider:

  • Conducts wellness examinations and reviews current and past medical history
  • Advocates for testing or diagnostic screenings
  • Supports or reaffirms diagnosis of acute or chronic health conditions
  • Collaborates as necessary with all other members of the Lifeguard Care Team

Works to ensure the best drug prices, reduce the dependence of urgent care or hospital visits, and increase confidence in medication adherence:

  • Reviews current medications for drug interactions or unnecessary therapies
  • Discusses adherence strategies to improve effectiveness & prevent missed doses
  • Assesses chronic illness medication strategies
  • Works to determine medication goals, such as a potential reduction or elimination

Works to determine safety at home, employ strategy to reduce injury risk, and coach on daily strengthening exercises to improve overall health and independence:

  • Assesses and rates potential fall risk
  • Pain management and mitigation strategies
  • Educates client, family, and existing care providers on healthy habits
  • Conducts informational training sessions to implement positive changes

Works to evaluate how the current diet is impacting overall health and identify ways to better ‘fuel’ the body to achieve a desired level of wellness:

  • Assesses day-to-day food and drink intake and its impact on sleep patterns, stress level, physical activity, and medical history
  • Provides education on healthy dietary choices
  • Works to implement incremental, sustainable modifications
  • Oversees and manages diet implementation to ensure accountability

Breathe – we’ve got this.
Let’s team up for a better care.



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